"Proudly serving our communities since 1894"

Here is a brief description of our most popular services.  If there are any other services for which you have a need, please visit with a member of our staff.  We have full-service branches in Brookfield, Purdin, Meadville, and Winigan.  You may transact business at any of these locations.

Deposit Accounts
We have many different deposit accounts available. Regular checking accounts, interest-bearing NOW and Super-NOW checking accounts. Money Market Deposit Accounts and Savings Accounts are also available. Be sure and look through a Galaxy brochure for information about our club accounts. Our staff would be happy to answer questions regarding any of these accounts.

Statements will be provided monthly on checking and Money Market deposit accounts. Statements for savings accounts will be provided on a Quarterly basis.  We can tell you when to expect your monthly statement each month.  If you specify, we will mail the statement to you, otherwise you may pick it up in the Bank or Branch Lobby.

Certificates of Deposit
You may invest as little as $500.00 at competitive interest rates by purchasing a Certificate of Deposit.  Terms of 30 days to five years are available depending on the size of your investment.  Rates and yields are posted in the Bank Lobby.  Special rates can be quoted for "jumbo" balance of $100,000.00 or more, and rates for "Repurchase Agreements" can be quoted upon request.

Safe Deposit Boxes
We have many sizes of safe deposit boxes available for the safe storage of your valuables.  Many items, such as insurance policies, abstracts, birth certificates, etc. should be stored for safety and easy access.  Our rates are determined by the size of the box.  We have the following sizes available:  2"x5", 3"x5", 3"x10", 5"x10", and 10"x10".  We would be happy to visit with you regarding the availability of boxes and the annual rent.

Members of our loan staff are available at each Bank of Brookfield-Purdin location. Feel free to ask a loan officer about credit requirements, procedures and terms which are available.  We will be happy to discuss your needs, and do our best to provide timely and appropriate assistance.

Bank of Brookfield-Purdin, N.A.